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The artists and some of the scrap metal they use to create their metal art
The artists and some of their raw materials in front of the shop

Mark and Varerie in front of the shop.

A welded horshoe chair Mark made for his dad when he was 15
Welded horseshoe chair

    Mark and Valerie Hollister live a simple life style in Trinity County in the heart of the Trinity Alps in Northern California.

    Mark and Valerie's Old Iron Art is unique, using recycled metals varying from old metal car hoods to 100 year old scrap metal and everything in between. There is no end to the imagination as to what they can create.

    Mark has been in the building trade for the past 25 years as a fabricator and general contractor. He has had a love for working with metal since the young age of 15 when he made his first chair of welded horseshoes for his dad. Now his abilities have no limits. Everything goes from large sculptures of flowers, wildlife and insects to huge wind chimes. These wind chimes can be made as memorials for your loved ones or to celebrate a birth, wedding or any memorable event and are Mark's passion.

    Valerie has worked with many mediums in her artwork such as stained glass, oils, acrylics and watercolors. She especially enjoys drawing designs for their metal projects and gets her inspiration from her large vegetable and flower garden.

    Because of the enthusiasm shown by others, their metal art has turned into more than just a hobby to them. Rain or shine, you can usually find at least one of them working in the shop. Both hope you enjoy the labors of their love.

For more information or to purchase any piece please e-mail or phone.


Mark and Valerie Hollister                    (530)266-3636